Various Handcrafted Products That Can Be Made From Hessian Fabric

December 8, 2016

Burlap or Hessian fabric is made from the outer skin of the jute plant. Its tight weave makes it ideal for commercial and domestic uses, including handcrafted products. While certain ones of the handmade items are holiday themed, others are appropriate for throughout the year. You can choose from an almost unlimited amount of ideas for these products for your own use or to sell, but we provide with four examples below to offer you a starting place for your search.

1. Flowers

Cut two-inch wide strips in lengths of at least 18-inch lengths. Coil the strips into a circle and secure the periodically with hand stitches of matching thread or craft glue. You can twist the fabric as you coil to increase the dimensional effects of the flowers. Just be certain that the centre is tightly wound. Glue or sew a bead in the centre to enhance the flowers' appearance if you so desire.

2. Table Runners

Another handcrafted product that is ideal from burlap cloth is a table runner. For this you will need a length of Hessian fabric that is about eight inches longer that the length of your table in order for you to allow it to overhang at each end. Judge the width of the fabric according to the width of your table, but you can show bare table on each side of it. Trim this fabric with lace ribbon either by sewing the ribbon onto it or gluing it on with washable fabric glue.

3. Wreath

A simple, rustic wreath is possible with the use of one wire hanger and one yard of Hessian cloth. You cut the cloth lengthwise into two-inch wide strips. Open the hanger up by untwisting the wires just under the hook and create a circle with it but leave it open ended until you add the burlap strips. Accordion fold each strip of cloth and poke the wire through the centre of each section. Fill up the wire and wrap the ends of the wire around each other to close the circle. Cover this section by moving the Hessian cloth over it.

4. Sachets

Create sachets from Hessian or burlap fabric by cutting circles, hearts or other shapes no larger than three inches by five inches for easy inclusion in your drawers to keep your clothes smelling pleasant. Each sachet requires two pieces of cloth, washable fabric glue and potpourri. Apply glue around the perimeter of one piece of the cloth, leaving off a section for an opening. Set the other piece on top of it and press well. Allow the sachets to dry completely before filling them with potpourri. Glue the opening shut. Once the glue dries they are ready for use.

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