Using Hessian Fabric as Material for Roman Shades

February 28, 2018

If you are someone who hates glare and the intrusion of lights, so much that you would do everything possible to keep things nice and shady in your home, then you will love Roman shades. A bit older than blinds, and definitely a bit more ‘rudimentary’ in construction, Roman shades are also the most simplistic and elegant of the two.

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How Recyclable Jute Bags Can Help the World

February 14, 2018

In our product-saturated and capitalist-oriented age, presentation is everything and convenience is one of the cornerstones of the marketing industry. With a myriad of products comes the need for a means to store, transport, or otherwise protect goods during transit. This includes the need for a means to easily transport goods on hand, without running the risk of an accidental spills, chips, or breakages.

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Hessian Cloth as Flower Pot Holders

January 30, 2018

Hessian cloth – those words alone brings up thoughts of thick burlap filled to the brim with produce, or hardy, rustic rucksacks that wouldn’t be out of place in a prospector’s possible bag choice. There’s no denying the sheer versatility of Hessian cloth, but just when you thought of anything and everything that can be made out of Hessian fabric already existed, another wonderful idea comes along that’s totally surprising and useful - Hessian cloth as flower pot holders.

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Hessian Fabrics as Flooring Mats

January 24, 2018

There seems to be no end to the sheer variety and use for Hessian fabric, and while it is slowly but surely dominating the packaging sector, it is likewise becoming a go-to resource for the fashion and home-décor industry. With the versatility of Hessian fabric, it is not a surprise that they can be employed as carpets or flooring mats, which they have been, many times throughout history.

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