Hessian Fabrics as Flooring Mats

January 24, 2018

There seems to be no end to the sheer variety and use for Hessian fabric, and while it is slowly but surely dominating the packaging sector, it is likewise becoming a go-to resource for the fashion and home-décor industry. With the versatility of Hessian fabric, it is not a surprise that they can be employed as carpets or flooring mats, which they have been, many times throughout history.

There are a number of advantages that Hessian fabric has over regular run-of-the-mill floor mats and carpets, all of which contribute to its overall desirability. Here are some reasons why you should consider employing Hessian floor mats at home:

  • Affordability – Hessian fabric is by and large, far cheaper than even the cheapest carpets, and is an excellent alternative to low-class faux fabric flooring mats.
  • Versatility – Hessian flooring mats are versatile and can come in a wide assortment of designs. Their look can run the gamut of the whole colour spectrum, and may be made to be as soft, coarse, smooth, or velvety soft as desire.
  • Absorbability – a floor mat should be, above all else, absorbent. Hessian fabric, especially ones that have been layered one atop another, are excellent at absorbing moisture quickly and retaining it well – all excellent attributes that floor mats should have.
  • Quick-drying – in spite of the fact that it can absorb and retain a lot of moisture, Hessian floor mats are also quick to dry and can easily be hung out to air-dry, or otherwise allowed to sun-dry in order to be reused.
  • Easy-to-clean – because of its tough and resilient nature, Hessian fabric does not require specialised cleaning materials or tools in order to revert to its pristine good-as-new condition. If you’re tired of having to fuss around with specialised cleaning tools or services for your carpets, then switch to Hessian flooring mats instead.
  • Low-maintenance – if you ever were afraid of staining your lovely carpet with wine, tea or coffee, you needn’t worry about the same thing with Hessian floor mats. They are very low-maintenance and are the perfect choice for kitchen, living room, or dining room settings, where there is a need for class without the added fuss. These floor mats can take a beating, and can easily be cleaned and re-used like they were as good as new!

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