Hessian Cloth as Flower Pot Holders

January 30, 2018

Hessian cloth – those words alone brings up thoughts of thick burlap filled to the brim with produce, or hardy, rustic rucksacks that wouldn’t be out of place in a prospector’s possible bag choice. There’s no denying the sheer versatility of Hessian cloth, but just when you thought of anything and everything that can be made out of Hessian fabric already existed, another wonderful idea comes along that’s totally surprising and useful - Hessian cloth as flower pot holders.

If you’re a fan of gardening or want to take it up in the near future, you may have considered investing in a lot of pots. While plastic pots and recycled potting mediums are excellent, nothing beats the quaint rusticity of terracotta and porcelain pots. You may have noticed that while pots are affordable, they take up a lot of space in-storage, and can become a source of clutter, especially if they are left unused.

Hessian cloth makes an excellent alternative to big, bulky, and obviously fragile pots, since they offer basically the same function and form, but with a greater number of advantages. Here are just some of the advantages that Hessian cloth flower pots have that will definitely redefine the way you garden:

  • Water resistant – Hessian fabric is a well-known water resistant material, and it can resist significant damage caused by exposure to water. This makes it an excellent and truly functional flower pot.
  • Breathable and porous – Hessian pot holders are breathable, and allow for optimal influx of air as well as the proper drainage of water – both of which are essential to healthy plant growth.
  • Lightweight and portable – if you’ve ever had problems lugging heavy pots around, Hessian flower pot holders are portable and lightweight, making it easy to carry.
  • Easy-to-store – unlike terracotta, porcelain, or plastic flower pots that need to be stacked properly and kept from being toppled over while in storage, Hessian flower pot holders can just be folded away and stored in a small cupboard or shelf and taken out when needed. This allows you to maximise your garden space and have more room for plants and other décor instead of just empty pots laying around taking up space.
  • Shatter-proof – being made of cloth, one of the best advantages that Hessian flower pot holders can offer is its shatterproof nature. Accidentally topple one over? No worries. Just refill it with soil and carry on as usual. No mess, no hassle – only excellent planting mediums all around.

If you are interested in redefining your garden, then invest in Hessian cloth as flower pot holders for your home garden.

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