Calico Drawstring Bags for Laundry Use

August 14, 2017

Organising, packing, and storing laundry can be a pain, especially if you are trying to ensure that new laundry remains fresh and separated from old laundry, which can easily be organised into one pile. In most circumstances, modern laundry organisation, packing, and storage solutions revolve around the use of baskets, plastic storage containers, and plastic bags.

Not only are plastic bags wasteful, as these are typically discarded after use, they are likewise inconvenient in that they can easily get torn. Also, they have a penchant for collecting moisture and leaving clothes smelling musty, especially if clothing is stored and sealed plastic bags for too long. Calico drawstring bags are an excellent alternative to plastic bags, especially for storing clothes or packing them for laundry.

Calico has a long and storied history of use in many societies, and was integral to the everyday clothing and cloth articles of Europe, and the early Americas. It is a lightweight fabric that comes in a variety of thicknesses, and is well-known for being easily washable, breathable and quick to air-dry. If you are thinking about switching from plastic bags, then consider the following benefits of calico drawstring bags for laundry use:

  • Breath-ability – calico bags are perfectly breathable, and unlike plastic bags that accumulate moisture and cause your clothes to become musty or develop mould, calico bags ensure that your clothing always remains fresh and dry.
  • Lightweight and durable – plastic bags can easily tear with the weight of a lot of clothes, or from a pin prick. If you’re planning to haul a significant number clothes to your nearest Laundromat or dry cleaners, then you absolutely cannot afford to have a plastic bag collapsing or tear on you midway. Thankfully, calico drawstring bags get past this issue due their sturdy, durable, and 100% tear-proof nature.
  • Washable & quick-drying – calico bags are easily washable, and unlike synthetic or mixed-fabric bags, they also dry out faster too. This allows you to clean your calico bags as you wash your clothes at the same time. In this way, and then by the time your clothes are dry, your calico laundry bags are dry and ready to go.
  • Fashionable – calico drawstring bags are also fashionable and can come in a variety of different colours, patterns, and printed or embroidered with designs. Who says you can’t go to a laundromat in style? So, if you are looking for quality calico drawstring bags for laundry and general use, then you will find them here at Lowin – your number one resource for natural packaging materials.

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