Fabric Painting Using Hessian Cloth

November 2, 2017

Hessian cloth is an established material that is known for its durability, versatility, inexpensive and readily available. It is employed most commonly for transporting agricultural goods in the form of bags and sacks in many developing and developed countries throughout the world. In fact, Hessian fabric has also managed to rise up in popularity to be incorporated as packaging material or as veritable fashion pieces in many high-end stores.

One of the wonderful things about Hessian fabric is it, like so many other versatile fabrics such as cotton or linen, can be painted into a myriad of different hues, or otherwise made to take on different patterns. Painted Hessian cloth has long been a staple of fashion, in the old days Hessian fabric or burlap with thin wefts were dyed different colours and employed to create clothing.

Some dyed cloths were painted with different designs to make them even more ornate and saleable. There are many advantages to Hessian cloth, mainly its versatility used in fabric painting, here are just a few listed as an example:

  • Canvas for painting – Hessian can be made into high-quality canvas for painting. It possesses a unique texture that makes paintings stand out, and, unlike linen canvases, Hessian cloth ones are thicker and able to carry oils and acrylics better.
  • Beautiful clothing – if you have a fancy for batik cloth or arabesque patterns, Hessian cloth makes for an excellent medium for wax resist dyeing, and is able to take on a myriad of different colours as well. Because of its thick nature, Hessian cloth is able to absorb dyes very well, making for a very vivid hue and a substantial weight that is ideal for things like blazers and jeans.
  • Versatile packaging – Hessian cloth can be painted or stenciled with many types of paints, and work exceedingly well with acrylics. This makes it ideal for creating different sorts of packaging mediums of different designs and colours. Painted Hessian cloth is also unique in that the paints complement the material’s inherent texture, thus making it possible for a truly unique piece.

If you are looking for alternative fabrics for packaging, clothing, a fabric painting project, or any other need, then don’t overlook investing in Hessian cloth. Versatile, durable, Eco-friendly, and affordable, Hessian fabric could possibly revolutionise the packaging and fashion world in the not so distant future.

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