Eco-Friendly Properties of Hessian Fabric

March 29, 2017

When it comes to organic packaging, biodegradable plastics may be at the forefront of popular usage, but time-tested and old-fashioned packaging materials like Hessian fabric still has plastic beat. Not only is Hessian’s durable, breathable, and lightweight, it is also versatile and less liable to breakage or tearing, unlike plastic packaging. However, where Hessian fabric truly shines is in its economical and ecologically friendly nature.

Not only is Hessian sourced from cheap, sustainable, and readily grown plants, but it requires very little tending and takes up very little room for something that gives out a large yield. Beyond its sustainable nature, Hessian fabric is also completely biodegradable. Unlike modern biodegradable plastics, which require anywhere from several years to a decade to completely degrade and become part of the soil.

Hessian fabric degrades in a much shorter period of time than plastic bags, and it is able to be assimilated into the soil completely. In spite of its biodegradable nature, however, Hessian fabric does not skimp on durability, and it is a remarkably strong packaging material that can take the rigours of daily wear and tear. Its versatility even extends to its use in the sartorial and fashion industry as a cheaper alternative to denim.

Like most durable fabrics, Hessian material tends to wear out with age, becoming thinner, softer, and more breathable, without compromising its strength. It is capable of holding its own even if it is exposed to moisture and the elements. It really is an ideal packaging material for goods that require strong containers and that allow for some degree of breathability, and for cushioning goods like fruits, vegetables, and grains efficiently during transportation.

The material is also an excellent alternative to high-end fabrics because it provides the perfect combination of durability and stylishness. What’s more, no more worrying about proper disposal because unlike plastic bags, Hessian material can be re-purposed for all types of household use.

If you are looking to go green, then ditch plastics and opt for Hessian fabric packaging instead, and you can find everything you need and more, such as calico bags, jut bags, and woven polypropylene bags and tubing, at Lowinsacks.

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