Cute Hessian Ribbon Ideas for Scrapbook Decorations

September 27, 2017

Hessian cloth is woven from the natural fibres of the jute plant. This cloth is ideal for a number of different projects including ribbon to adorn scrapbooks. Provide rustic, country or old world flair to your photos with Hessian ribbon. You do not need to just leave in its ribbon form either to accomplish this task. We offer you some ideas on how to use this ribbon in scrapbooking in the following facts.

Place Hessian Ribbon around Your Photos to Accentuate Them

Frame your scrapbook photos with this ribbon to make them practically jump off the page. You can even mitre the corners if you wish. Attach the ribbon with a small amount of glue to ensure it stays in place. Also, you can paint the Hessian ribbon any colour that you like or use one that is previously dyed.

Make Flowers from This Ribbon to Add to Your Scrapbook

Roll strips of Hessian ribbon in such a way that it makes of flower. It should be tight in the middle and then twist the ribbon as you roll it around the centre. The results will look similar to a rose. Use narrow ribbon for small flowers and use wide ribbon for large ones. Another version of flowers is to cut individual petals from this ribbon and stitch them together at the centre with the help of a button, which symbolises the middle of the bloom.

Cut Shapes from the Hessian Ribbon in the Theme of the Photos

Use wide Hessian ribbon to cut shapes in the theme of your photos. The possibilities are limitless and range from beach items to hearts for Valentine’s Day. Glue the shapes randomly on the page to brighten up the presentation.

Tie Hessian Ribbon Bows for Scrapbook Decorations

Tie strips of Hessian ribbon into bows and adhere the bows to your birthday or Christmas scrapbook pages. You can even sketch packages or add pictures of them as if the bows are attached to them. A twist on this idea is to create bow ties for different themed photos containing men dressed in formal wear for weddings of other special occasions.

Trim the Outside of the Scrapbook

Use any of the above ideas or just strips of Hessian ribbon to trim the exterior cover areas of the scrapbook. Make yours one of a kind with this unique statement.

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