Hessian Fabric for Your Home Window Treatments

September 15, 2017

Hessian fabric is a woven cloth that is made from jute fibres. The texture is a bit coarse in comparison to other fabrics, but it is ideal for a number of different uses from upholstery to making décor elements for your house. You even can adorn your windows with curtains, drapes or shades made with this fabric. We provide you with some examples of these window treatments with Hessian fabric in the following details.

Kitchen Curtains

You can make curtains for your kitchen in different ways. One way is to just leave raw edges in place of hems on the Hessian on the top tier and the bottom tier of curtains on your windows. Only a curtain pocket is necessary to fit the rod through, and you can either sew it or use iron-on fusible tape to adhere the Hessian together to form the pocket. If you sew, you may decide to hem both tiers of curtains or you can turn to the fusible tape we mentioned earlier for no-sew hemming. Another style of curtain is only one tier that of course, splits in the middle.

Pullback Curtains

With this type of curtains, you may use cording to pull back the curtains to each side during the day. You can close them at night for privacy. Some homeowners choose to allow their drapes to pool on the floor while others prefer a crisp hem.


The difference between drapes and curtains is their length. Drapes are to the floor while curtains can be various short lengths with the most traditional style hitting right below the window. An interesting no-sew method for these is to just hang lengths of fabric over rods without a hem or a rod pocket.


Valances go just at the top of the windows and they are just a narrow enhancement in comparison to curtains and drapes. You can use them by themselves or with drapes or curtains, though, for extra effect.

Shades with Hessian Cloth in Place of Other Window Treatments

In place of all of the above, you can opt for shades made with Hessian cloth. You can purchase a cheap vinyl shade at your local home improvement store and glue Hessian cloth to it if you wish for privacy with the shade, or you can make a shade just with Hessian fabric if you desire light to show through the shade.

Whatever you decide as far as window treatments with Hessian fabric, you can purchase lengths of it from Lowinsacks. We carry a wide assortment of Hessian cloths and sacks, calico bags, polypropylene tubing and bags, and pet products along with jute bags, webbing and canvas.

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