Top 5 Reasons Why We Should Go for Sustainable Packaging and Get Rid of Plastic

April 28, 2017

Packaging is essential to any business or service, but even since the inception of mass-production and industrialization, people have been trying to find ways to create disposable packaging. At the onset of plastic packaging, it seemed great. With the current state of pollution that we currently face on here on Earth, as well as the environmental damage that plastics is causing, it is all but irreparable, thanks to non-biodegradable packaging.

What originally appeared to be a wonderful innovative idea – mass produced plastic packaging, turned out to be a very great error of judgment. Thankfully, people are waking up to the problems posed by plastic and are opting for more sustainable alternatives, for the planet’s sake. But why should one bother at all, and can anything be done about non-biodegradable plastic packaging? The answer is yes, people can start using sustainable biodegradable packaging.

Here are five reasons why sustainable packaging is far better than plastic:

1. Biodegradability – most sustainable forms of packaging are made from 100% biodegradable (or at least recyclable) materials, which means they don’t clutter up or harm natural ecosystems if these happen to be disposed of improperly.

2. Reusability – not a lot of packing materials can boast reusability, but re-using things is among one of the hallmarks of sustainability. Reusing packaging means less overall wastage and an endless supply of emerging packaging options.

3. Durability – sustainable packaging is nowhere near flimsy. Made from natural and organic materials, they actually are far more durable than your standard plastic packaging solutions. They also last longer, and are versatile enough to be employed and used in many way.

4. Customisability – if you think the capacity for customisability only exists for plastic packaging, think again! Sustainable and biodegradable packaging can also be customised to fit the needs and specifications of a company, business, or product – without having to live with the guilt of harming the environment.

5. Stylishness – if something is made to last (or, at least, made to be reused), it would not doubt be designed to fulfil a larger aesthetic. And sustainable packaging delivers exactly this – stylish and elegant packaging solutions that can be used in chic and complimentary ways. Can plastic beat that?

We only get one planet Earth, so let’s help to keep it clean and green. If you’re a company that is looking to revolutionise its packaging solutions for the better, then visit – your one stop shop for green packaging solutions.

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