How to Spot Superior Quality Hessian Cloth

February 21, 2017

Hessian cloth is one of the cheapest and most durable organic-based fabrics available today, with a long history reaching back thousands of years. It is a material predominantly used to make bags and sacks that are employed to transport perishable goods like produce in a safe, non-damaging, and cost-effective manner. However, not all Hessian cloth is made of the same quality.

There are varying qualities of Hessian fabric, with each variation being meant for a specific purpose – whether for industrial or fashion applications and the like. The lowest grade of Hessian cloth, called gunny cloth, is made from a combination of rough jute and other organic fibres, woven thickly and coarsely, so as to create a tough, rough, and often heavy material (called ‘burlap’ in many places) that can handle extended amounts of rough handling and wear.

Such types of Hessian cloth are not ideal for use in fashion accessories like bags, but may prove to be an excellent choice for Hessian-covered footwear such as preppy-looking sandals and flip-flops. Rough-spun Hessian cloth is ideal, however, for industrial purposes such as the creation of sacks, the backing of rugs and carpets, as well as the creation of ‘breathable’ tarps and outdoor camping gear.

The finer varieties of Hessian cloths are typically thinner and feature a finer and more delicate weave. They typically comprise of softened jute fibres which may be dyed or left in a natural state, but which have been considerably softened due to mechanical agitation, chemical softeners, or some other medium that makes the fibres thinner, without compromising its overall toughness or resilience.

Finer types of Hessian cloth are often chosen for high-quality packaging material and can be typically found in cosmetic shops, but are likewise slowly becoming a staple of casual fashion. Because top-grade Hessian cloth retains much of the coarser fabric’s durability, it has of late become an excellent alternative for denim and gabardine. In the hands of expert tailors and fashion designers, high quality Hessian material can be made into stunning clothes that can rival even more established and favoured fabrics.

Of course, the applications of top-quality Hessian fabric in the industrial field are likewise undiminished by its quality. It fact, finer quality Hessian cloth is more desirable as a means of transporting goods, chiefly because of its higher quality, allowing buyers to actually put the cloth to good use beyond its purpose of mere product packaging.

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