Differences between Cotton and Jute Bags?

March 7, 2017

Cotton and jute bags are slowly gaining popularity in the industrial world, as well as in the fashion world, thanks in part to their versatility, durability, and eco-friendly properties. Jute and cotton bags have long been a mainstay of traditional cultures throughout the world, so much so that they are often mistaken for each other.

The softer, more popular cotton is sourced from the seeds of the Genus Gossypium plant, in the family Malvaceae, and is ideal not only for the production of bags and other eco-friendly ecological packaging, but is also famed for its versatility as a clothing textile.

Jute, on the other hand, is cotton’s rougher and coarser rival. Made from the fibres of plants from the genus Corchorus, Jute has a long history of use as the raw material for burlap bags, Hessian bags, and gunny sacks. Aside from a difference in origin, there is also a marked difference in the hardiness of both fibres. While cotton has a tendency to be softer, jute is coarser, although it can be prepared in such a way that it is rendered soft and pliable.

Both materials can be employed for industrial uses, and they have been used extensively as clothing textiles, but cotton is by far more ideal for use as clothing, while jute is more suitable for the industrial purposes. Another difference is that the colour of both materials also varies greatly, with cotton being a more standard white-to-off-white, while jute possesses anywhere from a dirty-white, pale-brown, to even rich golden hue – the latter being more common for jute fibres of higher quality.

Texture Differences Between Cotton and Jute Bags

Cotton has a tendency to be very absorbent, whereas jute has a significantly lesser absorbency rate, making it more suitable for packaging. In spite of its durable nature, jute, like cotton, is lightweight, but a bit heavier, especially if woven thickly. Both materials are also breathable, but jute typically has more breath-ability properties thanks to its penchant for coarser weaves, compared to the tighter weaves typically found in cotton bags.

Nothing beats the delicate nature of cotton, which is why it is an ideal material for clothing, although, when it comes to carrying things then jute bags are the preferred choice among retailers and shoppers.

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